High Country Car and Truck Rental

Why You Should Rent from Us

Think that renting from a national car rental chain is your only option when visiting Anchorage, Alaska? Think again! If you¨ªre looking for a safe, affordable vehicle, look no further than High County Car and Truck Rental. We¨ªve been one of Alaska¨ªs leading independent rental agencies for more than 20 years, providing travelers with ultra low rates and an impressive fleet of rental vehicles. Our daily rental rates are often 25-30% lower than those corporate chains, so why throw your money away?

Contact High Country today to reserve your very own Anchorage, Alaska vehicle.

You Should only rent from a national car rental chain if you enjoy...

  • Paying more for a vehicle than is necessary.
  • Walking for miles in order to locate your rental car on the agency lot.
  • Paying for the agency's brand name, not the quality of your rental.
  • Forking over big bucks to help pay for the travel agent's commission cut
  • Flashy commercials and radio jingles
  • Waiting in a long line when picking up and dropping off your vehicle
  • Being treated like a number rather than a valued customer.
  • Paying ridiculous hidden fees and mysterious surcharges

Does this sound like you?

We didn't think so...

You should rent from High Country Car and Truck Rental is you like...

  • Paying lower rates for better rental vehicles
  • Up-front pricing with no hidden charges
  • Selecting your rental from an excellent fleet of cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs
  • Receiving friendly, personal service
  • Having a toll free number to calls (long distance to Alaska isn't cheap!)
  • Pay your deposit in cash and by debit cards (accepted on approval)
  • Great discounts for AAA, AARP and members of the military

When you rent a vehicle from High Country Car and Truck Rentals, you'll reserve more than just an outstanding car & you'll also enjoy low prices and some of the best service in all of Alaska (our staff will even help you carry your bags to your car!) Your satisfaction is guaranteed, so why settle for those other guys? Get the facts before booking with a corporate car rental agency: ask about all applicable charges and fees before confirming your reservation. Or better yet, trust Anchorage's oldest locally owned and operated rental agency. Contact High Country Car and Truck Rentals today to reserve your next Alaskan car rental.

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